Discovering the World of Korean Drama (KDrama)

2017 brought me closer to an interest that I didn’t imagine I would like. I was introduced to the world of Korean Drama and there was no turning back. I guess what was interesting about it is that my closest friends have been fans of KDrama for years already and I wasn’t interested at all! In fact, I’d usually roll my eyes once they start talking about it in my presence. I was a certified KDrama snob but stress from work led me to finding a new diversion and now, I’m hooked!

I even joined a Facebook group of fans so I can learn more about it – what dramas to watch, who are the lead actors/actresses and why KDrama is such an interesting thing for almost every girl I know. I joined the bandwagon, so to speak.

In that Facebook page, I was encouraged to write reviews for my Top Three Best KDramas aired in 2017 that I have finished watching. Here you go:

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Oh Hello There!

Well, that most recent blog post was not what I expected my comeback post would be. It sounded rather negative and whiny. Emotionally charged, yes, but in a bad way. Apologies.

So, I stopped blogging a year ago. I stopped writing altogether. The pressure and workload in the office left me with little or no time to write. I won’t say it’s all bad. It was actually a mix of both – good and bad. I had to focus on the groups that I was managing and step up to my leadership role in the organization. Oh, that was tough. But I was also able to travel for free because of work – to Singapore in November 2016 and to London (again!) in April 2017. This most recent London trip gave me the chance to reconnect with a friend who works for our client. I got to explore and enjoy more of London this time because of her company. I thank God for these opportunities. In-between I also had a personal travel with family back in March. My long-time project of bringing my parents to Hong Kong for their birthday finally materialized and I couldn’t be any happier. It might be normal for most families but for us who come from the working class, it’s quite an achievement. It’s definitely the highlight of this year for me. The Husband and I are also looking forward to our anniversary trip to Singapore this November. Thank you 2017!

But even with a lot of things going on in my life, I still wasn’t writing. Then something happened a few days ago and because I got so frustrated, I picked up the proverbial “pen” and blogged again. I opened up, shared my emotions, told my story and it felt liberating.

It’s a start. I think I found my rhythm again.


Diary of an Online Seller

I haven’t blogged for over a year now but something happened today that prompted me to write again. I just needed an outlet, I feel so frustrated.

You see, I have started to explore the world of online selling again. This time, I’m decluttering my personal stuff which brought me to sign up for Carousell. I’m loving my Carousell experience up until this happened.

So I have this ALDO watch that’s starting to tarnish but still in perfectly good working  condition. The last time I used it was on September 29, Friday. I was supposed to just give it to anyone who likes it but a part of me is scared that other people might find it offensive of me to offer them used/secondhand items. So I decided to post it on Carousell at a dirt cheap price of 130Php, I was considerate because the buyer still has to shoulder the shipping fees.

Yes, I am generous to a fault that I sell my items at a charity price and I’m even willing to give them for free if let’s say a student or someone young and not earning his/her money yet suddenly  shows interest, they just pay for shipping. Well lesson learned, because for a measly 130Php, I was accused of lying 😦

Read the screen caps of my convo with this buyer for reference.

The watch was in good condition except for slight tarnishing, that even I, still use it from time to time. Here are the photos before I shipped it.

I don’t know what happened while it was in transit or if the buyer (worst case scenario) was the one who broke it, I didn’t want to question her and make any accusatory statements just for a freaking 130Php! It didn’t matter to me anymore so I just readily offered her a refund including the shipping fee. 

Well, I may have sounded a little sarcastic in that “Di ko naman ikakayaman yung amount” comment and I’m sorry for saying that. 

I just felt so frustrated because  didn’t like the tone of her message. She was readily accusing me of lying about the watch’s condition and did not even clarify with me first. Then she gave me a negative feedback, right away. 

Now that I think about it, that part that fell off can even be glued back, hello at 130Php, it’s already a steal. The battery alone costs 250Php and it’s been recently replaced. Maybe that’s  also the reason why she didn’t want a refund, she knows deep in her heart that she got it at a dirt cheap price.

I don’t know if she was in fact, trying to scam me or something (in case she really was the one who broke it) but I am just so disappointed with how things turned out. I was expecting a message of gratitude for practically giving that watch almost free but it was the complete opposite. Haaayyy…


When I posted the watch, I declared that I bought it in London. But after seeing its original box, I realized it’s another watch that I bought in the UK. Puwede ko namang hindi na ideclare sa kanya yung totoo right? But I wanted to be sincere so I wrote her a note (see above photo) and it doesn’t diminish the fact na ang price ng watch is way more than 130Php (1,995Php, I even sent her the box with the price tag). Medyo mataas lang talaga expectations ni ate. I’m not sure why she also doesn’t want to get a refund when clearly she seems disappointed with my item.



Random Road Trip Series: Angeles City, Pampanga Edition

I have been planning on doing a Pampanga food trip for the longest time now. It finally happened last month and rightfully so ‘cause it’s been long overdue.

I was with my folks. It was a pretty good time spent with mom and dad except that we decided to ride the bus instead of bringing a car and we ended up in a bus that’s bound for Olongapo City instead of our supposed destination, Angeles City (which is considered as Pampanga’s culinary capital). Continue reading “Random Road Trip Series: Angeles City, Pampanga Edition”

Paradise On Earth – The Coffee Farmhouse

This past weekend was one of the best family vacations we ever had.

We stayed in this exquisite bed & breakfast place called The Coffee Farmhouse where we spent the most amazing weekend. This place reminded me so much of my grandparents’ home in the province which brought back a lot of happy memories of my childhood years.  Continue reading “Paradise On Earth – The Coffee Farmhouse”

Hey Soul Sister

I found myself traveling to Pangasinan over the weekend. Solo.

I’ve missed my friend, Sasha, so much that I decided to hop on a bus and take the 5-hour trip to her hometown. She and her adorable little munchkin of a baby recently moved back to her parents’ place in the province. I haven’t seen them for a few months now and I wanted to spend some time with them. Continue reading “Hey Soul Sister”

Random Road Trip Series: Pinto Art Museum, Antipolo Edition

I’m not sure if it’s true for everyone but I think the older we get the more we tend to have a carefully curated set of girl friends. Gone are the days when peer pressure dictates that the more girl friends we have, the more popular we are.

Now that I’m in my 30s, I have a small group of girl friends that I choose to invest my time and emotions in. They are the “constants” in my life whether it’s a night out (which rarely ever happens now), catch ups over coffee, lunch dates, milk tea dates or movie dates.  It’s great that we have diverse types of personalities but there’s also another thing that binds us – the love for random travels. Continue reading “Random Road Trip Series: Pinto Art Museum, Antipolo Edition”

Random Road Trip Series: Taal, Batangas Edition

The best travels I have had are mostly with my sisters. They’re my bffs, my soulmates.

We can always find a good travel buddy in our acquaintances, friends and office mates but nothing beats family. When traveling with other people, there’s always that risk of running into conflicting travel styles and dealing with attitude problems to some extent. I’m not saying my sisters are perfect travel companions but we can always argue, agree to disagree, and still love each other in the end. LOL. So yes, if there are people I would take all my vacations with – these will be my sisters (and The Husband, baka magselos eh. Hahaha).

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For Doubters, Haters and Naysayers

Today is March 11.

It has been a month since James and Nadine have decided to make it official by jumping into the abyss also known as falling in love.

02.11.2016 will forever be etched in my JaDine fan girl heart. LOL.

And it has been almost 3 weeks since James’ big revelation in their JaDine In Love concert in Araneta. I still haven’t fully recovered from that. Whew.

Now, the two (especially James) have become more upfront physically and verbally in expressing their affection towards each other. Here’s a tip, go to Instagram, search for hashtag #JaDine and you’ll see a lot of stolen photos and videos of the two being lovey-dovey to each other. That’s exactly why James convinced Nadine to admit their relationship, so they can be free to say “I love you out loud” and “Hold each other’s hand in public” without being judged that they’re just flirting with each other or being sweet for the sake of their fans.

But I can’t even fathom why there are still some people who can’t find it in their hearts to just be happy for the two. Continue reading “For Doubters, Haters and Naysayers”

Oh My JaDine Heart! (JaDine In Love Concert in Araneta Coliseum)

Please allow me to collect myself first. Inhale. Exhale.

I’m still reeling from too much happiness and “kilig” (that I’m sure every JaDine fan girl has been experiencing since February 20) after that pleasantly surprising big reveal that James (Reid) made in the Big Dome.  Sabog lungs at heart naming lahat to say it bluntly.

But first the concert.

My friend and I purchased our JaDine In Love concert tickets in December without knowing what to expect. Honestly, I find the ticket price a little expensive for a local performer (and a first time Araneta performer at that) but who cares, I have embraced this fan girling thing wholeheartedly the last couple of months or so. And The Husband paid for it. It was his birthday gift to me. LOL. Yun yun eh.

We have anticipated for the concert day to finally come, ah those days of agony. We have painstakingly waited for it.

We have contemplated and discussed over and over again about the outfits that we’d be wearing like it’s the most important event in the universe. We even followed the requested color scheme which was to come in either electric blue or hot pink ensemble.

hot pink and electric blue ensemble - achieved!
hot pink and electric blue ensemble – achieved!

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