Wedding Ring Suppliers

Here are some suggested wedding ring suppliers for Philippine-based couples.

Golden Hills

Theirs are the most pulido I have seen. The photo below does not do their product any justice. Ehehe.The craftsmanship is really good but the price tag is quite steep. You may book them during bridal fairs because they give 20-40% discounts.

F & C

Love our own. Photo below is that of our wedding ring(s). They are more affordable than Golden Hills. They have branches in most SM Dept. Stores and in Glorietta 5.

AMI Jewels

Contact Person : Rowena Tuisa
Phone : (632) 705-1373 (632) 722-3462
Website :
Mobile : (63917) 534-5814 (63917) 8100225


Main Shop:
Matus Jewellery
Upper Level, Goldcrest Building,
(between Glorietta 1 & 2)
Ayala Center, Makati City
Open daily from 10am to 8:30pm

Karat World


They have the cheapest price tag but the quality is also good according to reviews I have read. Branches I know are in SM Mall of Asia and in Gateway Mall.

Marry Me

4th floor Market! Market!, Bonifacio Global City, Taguig
Phone: (632) 856-7624, (632) 994-5823
Mobile: +63 917-6277963

Hearts & Arrows

3rd Level, East Wing, Robinsons Galleria (02) 6337835
2nd Level, The Jewellery, Greenhills Shopping Center (02) 7266855
2nd Level, North Wing, SM Mall of Asia (02) 5560705
1st Level, SM City Clark Angeles (045) 4990240
4th Level, The Block, SM North EDSA (02) 4420100

Jewelry by Franco

They have reasonable rates and the customer service is good.


Wedding Rings by Santi

For inquiries please contact:,09175375414

Most soon-to-weds think that wedding rings are one of the most important things in a wedding. But IMO, I don’t think it is that important. That’s just me. You see, I wanted diamond-studded wedding rings and my wish was granted (by my husband ;)) but now I realized it’s not convenient to wear an ostentatious wedding ring especially in times when we’re commuting. Afraid ako sa holdap. Oh my!

In short, we always end up wearing our mock wedding rings which are made of tungsten carbide/titanium. My point is nobody really cares about your wedding ring (except maybe for the mamang holdaper so be wary if you see some guy staring hardly at your ring).

So I say, don’t fret too much if you can’t have your dream wedding ring. Any metal (gold or platinum and even the less valuable sterling silver, titanium and tungsten carbide) will do.

*An important thing to note though when choosing a wedding ring made of gold (yellow gold, white gold, rose gold) is to choose 14K only. Any karat higher than that (18K and up) will render the gold softer and more malleable, thus, not ideal for everyday use.

*Please also note that platinum is an expensive metal and should not be interchanged with titanium (which is just stainless steel in layman’s term). But even if platinum is more expensive than gold, I still don’t think it’s an ideal metal to use as a wedding ring because it is a very hard metal and cannot be resized. What happens when your finger gets fat because of pregnancy or weight gain? 😉

If you know of other reliable and credible wedding ring suppliers, please shoot me an e-mail or leave a comment here so that I can update this list.




20 thoughts on “Wedding Ring Suppliers

  1. hi, micah. alin kaya mga mentioned jewelry store ang nag o-offer ng mura na may maliit na diamond lang sa both groom and bride to be na wedding ring? thanks

  2. With Golden Hills as your topmost supplier in terms of craftsmanship, which of those listed ranks second, third, fourth and fifth in terms of craftsmanship still. I will try to inquire only from 5 (hence, the ranking) vs. the 11 suppliers that you have mentioned. Thank you.

  3. Thank you Micah for your inputs. Going to each of the 11 suppliers (plus My Diamond = 12) is too tough for me. I will only be in Manila for 3 days, hence I need to limit my visits to the ones which you have recommended. Kind regards.

      1. Hi micah! What can you say about Marry Me’s craftmanship? Thanks!
        I find your blogs very helpful. 🙂

      2. Hi micah! What can you say about Marry Me’s craftmanship? Thanks!
        I find your blogs very helpful, btw. 🙂

      3. Hi vanMD. Thank you. Re marry me’s craftmanship, I haven’t really seen their works in person. However there are several brides I know from the wedding forum that I am a part of who vouched for the good quality of their rings and their customer service that’s why I included it in my list of recommended wedding ring suppliers 🙂

      4. Thanks micah! I actually went there earlier and I agree with you about their customer service. So far they were very accommodating. I hope if we decide to get our rings there, it would really meet our expectations. Thanks again!

  4. hi micah! yes u right, platinum is a hard metal. and i do suggest it when u choose an ideal wedding ring. its not true dt u cant resized it when ur finger getting fat. ofcourse u can resized it, but im afraid its too expensive. and u much better go to a trusted jewelry store. but not all of them can fixed it. i remember my mom she always go in “La Elegancia” one of her favorite jewelry store located at glorietta. one of the staff told her where she can resized her platinum ring. if u want u can ask them and they have a lot of jewelry designs. tnx u…😊

  5. Hi Micah, I’m glad I’ve been able to see your blog..
    I don’t know anything about rings so could you please help me on what is the difference between those stores?

    Please correct me if I am wrong, example: a 14k karat with 2 diamonds from Golden hills is the same with suarez in terms of quality? there price differences are just because of names?

    I’m planning to buy an expensive engagement ring then buy middle range wedding ring
    reason would be, to be able to wear those wedding ring always without being afraid from the snatchers etc,
    Alam mo naman dito sa Pinas, may I know your opinion please? thanks!

    1. Hi Rex,

      Ideally the 14K ring with 2 diamonds should be of the same quality regardless of the store where you bought it. But other factors should be considered as well like what type of gold was used? Is it Saudi Gold, Singapore gold, Italian gold etc? And also the diamond quality (check the 4 Cs – Carat Weight, Cut, Color, Clarity) may vary thus the difference in price.

      Also please make sure that the ring you will buy is made of solid gold and not just plated. I already know of a couple who bought a ring from one of these stores (I won’t say the name but it’s the store that sells cheaper priced rings) and they later realized (a year after they got married) that their rings were not made of solid gold when the plating started to wear out and they learned that the inside of their rings was just made of steel

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